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12 lessons from 100 days of web

Episode #224, published Mon, Aug 5, 2019, recorded Mon, Jul 29, 2019

Back in May of 2018, Bob Belderbos, Julian Sequeira, and I started on what would be a 9-month project. We wanted to create a dedicated, 100 days of code course specifically for Python web developers. Much of what we created for that course, we had prior experience with. But much of it was also new to us.

On this episode, we teamed up to distill the lessons, tips, and tools we found interesting on that journey into a quick list of cool tips and techniques. We hope you find some of them new and useful!
Links from the show

Bob on Twitter: @bbelderbos
Julian on Twitter: @juliansequeira

#100DaysOfWeb in Python course:
#100DaysOfWeb in Python course GitHub repo:

Axios HTTP library:
Vue example:
PExpect package:
Quasar framework:
Netlify static hosting:
PyBites's karmabot:
unsync package:
React.js examples:
React.js macOS calculator:
Episode transcripts:

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