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Packaging, Making the most of PyCon, and more

Episode #208, published Sun, Apr 21, 2019, recorded Wed, Apr 3, 2019.

This episode is carbon neutral.
Are you going to PyCon (or a similar conference)? Join me and Kenneth Retiz as we discuss how to make the most of PyCon and what makes it special for each of us.

We also cover a buffet of other topics: packaging, pipenv, developing Python on Windows, async and await and more.

Links from the show

Kenneth on Twitter: @kennethreitz
PyTheory package: github.com/kennethreitz/pytheory
Import this podcast: kennethreitz.org
Python 2 death clock: pythonclock.org
PEP 3102: Keyword only args: discuss.python.org
PyCon 2019: pycon.org

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Kenneth Reitz
Kenneth Reitz
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