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Beginners and Experts Panel

Episode #205, published Tue, Apr 2, 2019, recorded Mon, Feb 4, 2019

Welcome to part 2 of our beginners and experts series. This one is a panel format with 7 different guests. Each of them a beginner in their own way. We dig deeper into some follow up conversations for part 1 with our panelists.

On this episode, you'll meet Vanessa Angel, Kelly Schuster-Paredes, Dane Parks, Scott Stoltzman, Sergio Sanchez, Alex Kaprosy, and Jason Pecor
Links from the show

Sergio Sanchez Links
Sergio on Twitter: @ChekosWH
Sergio on Github: github.com/chekos
LinkedIn: linkedin.com
Example of the work at PPIC: ppic.org/publication/immigrants-in-california
Example of the work at PPIC: ppic.org/publication/immigrants-and-educational-attainment

Jason Pecor links
Jason on LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jasonpecor
Jason on Github: github.com/jpecor
Jason's company: aloriumtech.com
Jason's company repo: github.com/AloriumTechnology
Adafruit Circuit Python: learn.adafruit.com
Micropython: micropython.org
myHDL: myhdl.org

Scott Stoltzman links
Scott on Twitter: @stoltzmaniac
Scott on Github: github.com/stoltzmaniac
Company: stoltzmanconsulting.com
Blog: stoltzmaniac.com
Data Sci Meetup: meetup.com/Fort-Collins-Data-Science
Python Meetup: meetup.com/Something-about-Python-Meetup
Pandas: pandas.pydata.org
Luigi: luigi.readthedocs.io
Stats models: statsmodels.org
Flask: flask.pocoo.org
Tenserflow: tensorflow.org

Dane Parks Links
Contact: email
Corey Schafer’s Youtube tutorials: youtube.com

Vanessa Angel Links
Vanessa on Twitter: @VanessaAngelAK
Vanessa on LinkedIn: linkedin.com
Renee Teate interviewing Will Kurt: youtube.com

Kelly Schuster-Paredes Links
Email Kelly: email
Kelly on Twitter: @KellyPared
Kelly on LinkedIn: linkedin.com
Teaching Python podcast: teachingpython.fm
Episode transcripts: talkpython.fm

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