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StaticFrame, like Pandas but safer

Episode #204, published Thu, Mar 21, 2019, recorded Thu, Feb 7, 2019.

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Remember back in math class when you would take a test? It wasn't enough to just write down the answer. What's the limit of this infinite summation? pi/2 Yes, but how did you get that number.

Some problems in programming are like this. We want to keep track of the computations done and only add more steps to the results. That's basically the entire premise of functional programming.

On this episode, you'll meet Christopher Ariza who created a project called StaticFrame. Think Pandas and NumPy, but it never changes computation it's already performed.

Links from the show

Chris on Github: github.com/flexatone
StaticFrame: github.com
StaticFrame documentation: static-frame.readthedocs.io
Musical coding in Python: youtu.be
Music21: web.mit.edu/music21
Foundation of property-based testing: cs.tufts.edu
Episode transcripts: talkpython.fm

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Christopher Ariza
Christopher Ariza
Christopher Ariza is Head of Investment Systems, the core software engineering team at Research Affiliates, a global leader in investment strategies and research. He has developed tools in a variety of domains, including algorithmic music composition and computer-aided musicology. Prior to joining Research Affiliates, he was Visiting Assistant Professor of Music at MIT, Assistant Editor at the Computer Music Journal, and Assistant Professor of Recording Arts and Music Technology at Towson University. He has a PhD and MA in music theory and composition from New York University, and a BA in music from Harvard University.
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