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Teaching Python at Apple

Episode #195, published Sun, Jan 20, 2019, recorded Wed, Jan 9, 2019.

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When you think of learning Python, what type of developer or technologist comes to mind? Is it someone looking to get their first job or maybe moving from .NET to Python and looking for a shift in their careers?

While these are common moves, you may be surprised how many folks within a tech company learn new languages like Python to stay within that company. On this episode, you'll meet Ron Hayden. He founded the Software University internal training program at Apple and is now doing his own independent training around Python.

I think you'll find his story an interesting element in the mosaic of Python.

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Ronald Hayden
Ronald Hayden
Ronald Hayden worked at NeXT/Apple for 25 years. He managed Developer Publications, then founded Software University and taught Python to thousands of people around the world. His specialty is teaching non-data scientists how to use Python to clean up and process messy spreadsheet data, and teaching experienced programmers how to be Pythonic.
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