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Episode #187: Secure all the things with HubbleStack

Published Tues, Nov 20, 2018, recorded Wed, Nov 14, 2018.

How do you keep track of the security, configuration states, and even out of date system level packages in your servers? What if you had 40,000 or more servers? How's your process scale? I'll tell you, mine would take some tweaks!

On this episode, you'll meet Colton Myers who built HubbleStack. HubbleStack is an open-source security compliance framework. It provides on-demand profile-based auditing, real-time security event notifications, alerting, and reporting. And yes, Colton's group has over 40,000 servers and HubbleStack is watching over all of them.

Learn about this cool Python-based framework on this episode of Talk Python To Me.

Links from the show

Colton on Twitter: @basepi
HubbleStack website:
HubbleStack on Github:
HubbleStack on Twitter: @hubblestack
Colton's site:
Blog post introducing HubbleStack from Adobe:
Adobe's Security Blog:
12-factor app overview:

Colton Myers
Colton Myers
Colton is the co-creator of HubbleStack and the primary developer. He is also a core contributor to SaltStack and was previously on the SaltStack core engineering team. He's a full time python developer for Adobe.
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