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Nuitka: A full Python compiler

Episode #172, published Wed, Aug 1, 2018, recorded Mon, Jul 16, 2018

Quick, name some ways to make your Python code faster. Did you think PyPy, the JIT-compiled version of Python? Maybe some async and await parallelism? How about Cython where you write in Python-esc language that compiles to machine instructions?

I'm here to add a new one to your vocabulary. Nuitka. Nuitka is like Cython in that your Python code is compiled into true machine instructions rather than interpreted. But unlike Cython, you can take standard Python 3 without changing the syntax at all and compile it.

And Kay Hayen is here to take us on the journey of Nuitka, a project he created and has been overseeing for some time.

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Nuitka project: nuitka.net
Nuitka EuroPython Talk: youtube
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