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Episode #157: The Journal of Open Source Software

Published Fri, Apr 6, 2018, recorded Fri, Apr 6, 2018.

One of the hottest areas of growth for Python is in the scientific and data science communities. But if that work is done in an academic or research setting, it can be very hard to get proper credit for it. You have to write full on peer reviewed articles.

That's where Arfon Smith and JOSS or The Journal of Open Source Software come in. Here developer-scientists and other research-oriented folks can submit their software as a brief paper.

Join us on this episode to learn all about that and Arfon's work with some of the most cutting-edge projects in Astronomy at the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Links from the show:

Arfon on Twitter: @arfon
Announcing The Journal of Open Source Software:
The Journal of Open Source Software:
Become a reviewer:
A quick tour of a few papers:
Making Your Code Citable:
BATMAN article review:
Space Telescope Science Institute:

Arfon Smith
Arfon Smith
Head of Data Science Mission Office @stsci. Ex GitHubber. Zooniverse co-founder. Editor-in-chief of The Journal of Open Source Software.

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