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Episode #154: Python in Biology and Genomics

Published Wed, Mar 7, 2018, recorded Fri, Feb 9, 2018.

Python is often used in big-data situations. One of the more personal sources of large data sets is our own genetic code. Of course, as Python grows stronger in data science, it's finding its place in biology and genetics.

In this episode, you'll meet Ian Maurer. He's working to help make cancer a think of the past. We'll dig into how Python is part of that journey.

Links from the show:

Ian on Twitter: @imaurer
Genomoncology on GitHub:
My Cancer Genome:
Google's Deep Variant:

Background Reading
What are computers used for in DNA sequencing?:
An introduction to Next-Generation Sequencing Technology:
Difference between fasta fastq and sam file formats:
One Renegade Cell Book:
BioStars, Bioinformatics explained:

Talk Python Training:

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