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Python at Spotify, PSF, and PyLadies

Episode #15, published Tue, Jul 7, 2015, recorded Thu, Jun 4, 2015

A strong community is one of Python's super-powers and that's what this episode of Talk Python To Me is all about! We speak with Lynn Root about her work with Python at Spotify, her role in the PSF as a Python Software Foundation board member, how she came to be the founder of PyLadies San Francisco, her talks and presentations, as well as some excellent open source work she is doing.

Links from the show:

Lynn's website:
Lynn on Twitter: @roguelynn
Lynn's path to engineering:
I'm faking it:
ramlfications slides:
Spotify API Console:
PyCon Ireland 2013 - Lynn Root Keynote:
New Coder:
PyLadies Starter Kit:
Helios from Spotify:
Python memberships:
Python Wiki:
Python mailing lists:

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Lynn Root
Lynn Root
An insomniac software engineer for Spotify, founder of the San Francisco Chapter of PyLadies, board member of the Python Software Foundation, and member of the Django Software Foundation.

I have a business degree in finance and economics, but fell in love with programming in 2011. More on my journey about how I became a software engineer can be found in this post.

I like to speak. A lot. I particularly talk on the Python community, as well as the technical work that I’ve done. Email me if you would like to make my talks list longer.
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