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Anvil: All web, all Python

Episode #138, published Wed, Nov 15, 2017, recorded Tue, Nov 7, 2017.

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Have you noticed that web development is kind of hard? If you've been doing it for a long time, this is easy to forget. It probably sounds easy enough to

Pick a server side framework (Pyramid or Django?)
Create a new project (pcreate, cookiecutter, manage.py, …)
Install some client side dependencies with NPM
Install some server side dependencies with pip
Create a database (and maybe even a server install)!
Connect the app to the db (securely)
Pick a front-end framework (Bootstrap or Foundation?)
Integrate it
Whoa: Now you write code
Ugh, time to deploy

Oh wait, that doesn't sound so easy.

What if the web was easy as old school VB 6 with drag-drop and double-click for event handlers, but with Python of course.

With Anvil, you'll see it really is that quick to get started! Meet Meredydd Luff to tell us all about it.

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Meredydd Luff
Meredydd Luff
Meredydd is founder and CEO of Anvil, a tool for building full-stack web apps with nothing but Python. He has worked for startups in telecomms and audio encoding, but he has a Ph.D. in usable programming environments, and helping people create software is the most fun he's had yet. He is also a maintainer of the Skulpt Python-to-Javascript compiler.
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