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Episode #137: Design concepts and tips for developers

Published Wed, Nov 8, 2017, recorded Mon, Oct 30, 2017.

Design has become a critical element in software. Back in the 90's, it was fine to produce or sell "battleship grey" apps that worked by did not do much to delight. Today, design is table stakes. And knowing how to design applications yourself and work with designers is a key still.

This episode, you'll meet James Stone who straddles that gap between developers and designers (he's both). He has a bunch of tips for improving your design skills as well as working with designers.

Links from the show

James on Twitter: @JAMESSTONEco

James' page Design for Python devs:

Sketch App (design tool): (auto redlining tool): (auto redlining tool): (auto redlining tool):
Uncss (remove all unused css):
ZURB Style Sherpa (note: this can be used with any framework, ZURB Foundation, Bootstrap, or your own code):
ZURB Template - basically a huge amount of Gulp.js based front-end tooling for rapid prototyping of front-end code:
Lorem Ipsum for Hipsters:
Snowflake Stories (character builder - click randomizer):
Design principles for developers course:

James Stone
James Stone
James Stone is a independent design systems engineering consultant and a top contributor to the Open Source ZURB Foundation CSS front-end framework. He is most well known for his videos on YouTube which have had over 300k views to date. He has written for UX Pin and ZURB University and is an Adjunct Professor at Penn State's School of Visual Art, where he teaches an online introduction to scripting course targeted at artists and designers. Interesting fact about the course: many CS, SE, and IST majors take it because they want to do something a bit more creative with their code.
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