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Episode #128: Pythonic Networks with NAPALM

Published Thurs, Sep 7, 2017, recorded Mon, Jul 17, 2017.

When you think of networks, you probably think of physic things: Routers, switches, firewalls, and more. But increasingly, network engineers are managing massive networks that are better managed with software than via admin applications.

On this episode, you'll meet David Barroso who created NAPALM: A vendor neutral, cross-platform open source project that provides a unified API to network devices.

Links from the show

David on Twitter: @dbarrosop

NAPALM on GitHub:
NAPALM docs:

David Barroso
David Barroso
Although my current title is Senior Software Developer I am a Network Engineer at heart that also happens to love Systems and basically anything you can manipulate into doing things for you without too much arguing (which immediately qualifies robots and dogs but disqualifies humans and cats. Although I also like cats :P)

I am one of the cocreators of NAPALM and I believe in open-source. I take great pride into replacing proprietary software with open-source and cutting ties with vendors who are often slow to react and usually introduce on each release more problems than solutions.

I also happen to blog every now on then about things like automation and open-source.
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