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Episode #126: Kubernetes for Pythonistas

Published Tues, Aug 22, 2017, recorded Fri, Jun 9, 2017.

Containers are revolutionizing the way we deploy and manage applications. These containers allow us to build, develop, test, and even deploy on the exact same system. We can build layered systems that fill in our dependencies. They even can play a crucial role in zero-downtime upgrades.

This is great, until you end up with 5 different types of containers, each of them scaled out, and you need to get them to work together, discover each other and upgrade together. That's where Kubernetes comes it.

Today you'll meet Kelsey Hightower, a developer advocate on Google's cloud platform.

Links from the show

Kelsey on Twitter: @kelseyhightower
Kelsey's PyCon Keynote:
Kubernetes on GitHub:
FREE COURSE Scalable Microservices with Kubernetes by Google:

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Kelsey Hightower
Kelsey Hightower
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