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Django REST framework and a new API star is born

Episode #125, published Tue, Aug 15, 2017, recorded Thu, Jun 8, 2017.

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APIs were once the new and enabling thing in technology. Today they are table-stakes. And getting them right is important. Today we'll talk about one of the most popular and mature API frameworks in Django REST Framework. You'll meet the creator, Tom Christie and talk about the framework, API design, and even his successful take on funding open source projects.

But Tom is not done here. He's also creating the next generation API framework that fully embraces Python 3's features called API Star.

Links from the show

Django REST framework: django-rest-framework.org
API Star: github.com/tomchristie/apistar
Tom on Twitter: @_tomchristie
Episode transcripts: talkpython.fm

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Tom Christie
Tom Christie
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