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Python in Engineering

Episode #119, published Thu, Jul 6, 2017, recorded Tue, May 30, 2017

Think about how you learn most technical or detail-oriented subjects?

You start at the bottom, lowest level and you create building blocks and work your way into the actual thing you care about. This happens in engineering, in math, and even in programming.

Our guest this week, Dr. Allen Downey, believes that computation and programming can help us turn this inside-out way of teaching right-side out again.

Join Allen and me as we discuss programming as a way of thinking and physical modeling and engineering in Python.

Links from the show

Dr. Allen Downey: olin.edu/faculty/profile/allen-downey
Allen’s web page: allendowney.com
Allen’s blog: allendowney.blogspot.com
Allen on Twitter: @allendowney
Programming as a Way of Thinking: blogs.scientificamerican.com
Think Python book: greenteapress.com/wp/think-python
Think OS book: greenteapress.com/thinkos
Pint package: pint.readthedocs.io
ModSim14 course (slight older version): sites.google.com/site/modsim14
Modeling and Simulation video: olin.edu/academics/experience/modeling-simulation
Early work on the book and code: github.com/AllenDowney/ModSimPython

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