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Functional Python with Coconut

Episode #117, published Wed, Jun 21, 2017, recorded Mon, May 22, 2017

One of the nice things about the Python language is it's at least 3 programming paradigms in one: There's the procedural style, object-oriented style, and functional style.

This week you'll meet Evan Hubinger who is taking Python's functional programming style and turning it to 11. We're talking about Coconut. A full functional programming language that is a proper superset of Python itself.

Show note: Sorry for the lower audio quality in my voice on this one. Looks like my primary mic had trouble and the fallback wasn't as good as it should be. Plus, I had mostly lost my voice from PyCon (PyCon!!! And other loud speaking).

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Evan Hubinger
Evan Hubinger
Evan Hubinger is an undergraduate mathematics and computer science major at Harvey Mudd College with three summers of professional Python software engineering experience at Yelp and Ripple. Evan is the creator and lead developer of Coconut, an open-source functional programming language that compiles to Python.
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