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10 top talks of PyCon 2017 reviewed

Episode #116, published Mon, Jun 12, 2017, recorded Wed, May 31, 2017.

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Whether you got to attend PyCon, there were just too many good talks to attend them all. Luckily our friends at the PSF were on top of publishing the videos online for the whole world to watch for free.

On this episode, we'll meet up with Brett Slatkin and replay his path through PyCon. We touch on his top 10 sessions from PyCon 2017.

Links from the show

Brett on Twitter: @haxor
Effective Python on Amazon: amzn.to/1ETVjdk
All sessions from PyCon: youtube.com/channel/UCrJhliKNQ8g0qoE_zvL8eVg

Top 10 Talks
Jake Vanderplas - Keynote: youtu.be/ZyjCqQEUa8o
Static Types for Python: youtu.be/7ZbwZgrXnwY
The Gilectomy How's It Going: youtu.be/pLqv11ScGsQ
Optimizing Pandas Code: youtu.be/HN5d490_KKk
Debugging in Python 3 6 Better, Faster, Stronger: youtu.be/NdObDUbLjdg
Instagram Keynote: youtu.be/66XoCk79kjM
Python from Space: youtu.be/rUUgLsspTZA
Factory Automation with Python: youtu.be/cEyVfiix1Lw
Dial M For Mentor: youtu.be/Wc1krFb5ifQ
Episode transcripts: talkpython.fm

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Brett Slatkin
Brett Slatkin
Brett Slatkin is the author of Effective Python (Addison-Wesley 2015). He's the engineering lead and co-founder of Google Consumer Surveys. He formerly worked on Google App Engine, the PubSubHubbub protocol, and managing Google's server fleet. Outside of his day job, he works on open source tools and writes about software, bicycles, and other topics on his personal website (also published to @haxor). He earned his B.S. in Computer Engineering from Columbia University in the City of New York. He lives in San Francisco.
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