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Sponsorship agreement terms and conditions

The sponsor is responsible for providing ad copy, trackable URL, and episode banner image (250x250 or 250x200 in size) in a timely manner. Should you wish to change the ad copy or image, you’ll need to have feedback to us by Friday of the week prior to the week you wish to change it for.

Talk Python To Me has multiple advertising slots. The ad placement is selected as either premier (first) or standard (second) when purchasing the ad spot.

The sponsor agrees that we cannot provide you advance notice of the contents of an episode. You also understand that it is conceivable we may write of your competitor(s) in a favorable light in an issue you are advertising in, or even accept an ad agreement with them. However, we do try to avoid booking competitors as sponsors for your show.

We cannot guarantee downloads, click through rates, subscriber growth rates, churn rates, or ad performance. We are happy to provide statistical data on past episodes.

This agreement should in no way be taken as granting any level of editorial control to you or your company. This agreement does not grant exclusivity to either party (you are free to advertise elsewhere, and Monitoring Weekly is free to accept other advertisers).

In the event you decide to cease an advertising run and have unused ad slots. We will not refund for ads that have already run. Either of us can agree to cancel the agreement at any time, for any reason. You agree to give Talk Python To Me at least one week advanced notice before cancellation, and the Talk Python To Me editor(s) will do the same.

As the approver of ad content, you take full responsibility and agree to indemnify PDX Web Properties LLC/Talk Python To Me for any third party legal claim made against the content of the ad, including but not limited to fraud, defamation and violation of a third party’s intellectual property rights.

In no event shall PDX Web Properties LLC/Talk Python To Me be liable to you for any incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages, regardless of the nature of the claim, including but not limited to lost profits as a result of providing the ad services