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Exploring Awesome Python

Episode #96, published Wed, Jan 25, 2017, recorded Mon, Jan 16, 2017

Python is said to be a language that comes with "batteries included". That has many meanings depending on the level you're focusing on. At the lowest, it's a very rich and expressive language. Most commonly it means Python has a powerful and comprehensive standard library (itertools and elementtree anyone?).

But more holistically, most of the batteries are external, interchangeable ones, from PyPI. Right now, has 97,326 packages listed on it. That's fantastic. However, it does lead to a discoverability problem. What options do I have for admin backends on web apps, cryptography, raw socket programming, and so on?

This week, Matt Makai is back with me (remember him from episode 26 last year?). We're talking about Awesome Python. A website and open source project attempting to categorize and somewhat rank these options.

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