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Parsing horrible things with Python

Episode #85, published Thu, Nov 17, 2016, recorded Thu, Oct 27, 2016.

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Do you have horribly convoluted things that need parsing? Obviously you'll learn a bunch of tips and tricks from this episode. But you'll see that advanced parsing is a gateway to many interesting computer science techniques.

Listen in as I speak with Erik Rose about his journey to parse weird things at Mozilla.

Links from the show:

Erik on Twitter: @erikrose
parsimonious: pypi.org/project/parsimonious
Erik on GitHub: github.com/erikrose
PyCon Talk: Parsing Horrible Things with Python: youtube.com/watch?v=tCUdeLIj4hE
Poetic APIs Talk: pyvideo.org/pycon-us-2014/designing-poetic-apis.html
fathom-web project: npmjs.com/package/fathom-web
NLTK Project: nltk.org
Mozilla's DXR: wiki.mozilla.org/DXR
Let's Encrypt: letsencrypt.org
Turtles: github.com/erikrose/turtles
more-itertools package: pypi.org/project/more-itertools
Erik's Blog at Mozilla: blog.mozilla.org/webdev/author/erosemozilla-com
Things GTD App: culturedcode.com/things
Project Quantum: medium.com/mozilla-tech/a-quantum-leap-for-the-web-a3b7174b3c12
Book: Getting Things Done, The Art of Stress-Free Productivity: amzn.to/2gupfs9
Michael's Data Science Pythonic Webcast: crowdcast.io/e/pythonic

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Erik Rose
Erik Rose
Erik makes static analysis, search, and pattern-finding software at Mozilla, venting a byproduct of eclectic Python libraries. Skeletons in his closet include the self-bootstrapping mechanism for Let's Encrypt, the hash-verification functionality in pip, and a book about Plone. He's a frequent speaker and keynoter at various PyCons but is really just using the travel as an opportunity to find the world's best root beer.
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