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Episode #83: Python Videos on Demand at PyVideo

Published Wed, Nov 2, 2016, recorded Wed, Oct 26, 2016.

Have you ever searched for a Python educational video? Maybe how to get started with Pyramid, or running queries with SQLAlchemy's ORM layer?

There is a good chance you've run across This amazing site catalogs over 5,000 Python videos from most of the recent Python conferences among other places. Browse by speaker, topic, event and more.

This week you'll meet Paul Logston who has taken over leadership of the project when it was in danger of going dormant.

Links from the show:

PyVideo on Twitter: @PyvideoOrg
Pyvideo on Github:
Paul on Twitter: @PaulLogston
Unidecode package:
CPython Code Walk:

Paul Logston
Paul Logston
Paul Logston is part of the team at 15Five and teaches at Columbia. Paul is also an avid member of Big Apple Py (aka. the New York City based Python user groups).
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