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Grokking Algorithms in Python

Episode #82, published Thu, Oct 27, 2016, recorded Mon, Oct 24, 2016

Algorithms underpin almost everything we do in programming and in problem solving in general. Yet, many of us have partial or incomplete knowledge of the most important and common ones. In this episode, you'll meet Adit Bhargava, the author of the light and playful Grokking Algorithms: An illustrated guide book.

If you struggled to understand and learn the key algorithms, this episode is for you.

Links from the show:

Adit on the web:
Book: Grokking Algorithms: An illustrated guide (Manning, with ebook):
Book: Grokking Algorithms: An illustrated guide (Amazon):
Grokking Algorithms GitHub:
Adit on Twitter: @_egonschiele
High perf search of Talk Python:

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Aditya Bhargava
Aditya Bhargava
Adit is the author of Grokking Algorithms. He has also taught the Introduction to Python class at Noisebridge. He blogs at
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