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Renewable Python

Episode #76, published Thu, Sep 15, 2016, recorded Mon, Sep 12, 2016

Even with solar panels on your roof, it’s possible that your home is still being powered by fossil fuels. Climate innovator and Python developer Anna Schneider is trying to change that. At her company WattTime, consumers can source the cleanest energy available on the grid.

In this episode of Talk Python To Me, I talk to Anna about how Python powers WattTime, some popular open-source projects focused on renewable energy, and a few other Python based renewable energy startups.

Links from the show:

Anna on twitter: @windupanna
WattTime on twitter: @wattTime
WattTime web:
What can a technologist do about climate change:
DjangoCon US 2016 - Django for IOT: From Hackathon to Production:
OSS projects at WattTime:
pyiso project:

Python-based startups:

Problem: duck curve:

Other open source projects:

Real-time power production data sets for many European countries:
Python implementation of OpenADR standard for automated demand response:

Energy-focused startup incubators/accelerators:
Powerhouse in Oakland
Greentown Labs in Boston
Energy Foundry in Chicago
1776 in DC

PyPI package retrying:

Nonprofit solar companies both are hiring CTOs:

Portland 100% renewable energy program:

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