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Jump on the real-time web with RethinkDB

Episode #65, published Wed, Jun 29, 2016, recorded Wed, Jun 22, 2016.

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Long gone are the days of the web acting as just linked documents and glorified brochures. Web apps of today are just that, rich interactive applications. But unlike desktop apps of old, these are apps with 100,000's or even millions of concurrent users.

We expect that these apps will instantly reflect changes to the data, potentially made by any of the users connected to the system while we are using them.

This has put a strain on the web servers, databases, and architecture of our web apps. Technology has responded by delivering amazing real-time capabilities with things like websockets and SignalR at the client layer and event driven systems on the web servers. But what about the database? Could it be events all the way down?

That was the goal of RethinkDB's cofounders when they pitched it to YCombinator.

Links from the show:

RethinkDB: rethinkdb.com
RethinkDB on github: github.com/rethinkdb/rethinkdb
Rethink on Twitter: @rethinkdb
Slava on Twitter: @spakhm
horizonjs on Twitter: @horizonjs
Quickstart: rethinkdb.com/docs/quickstart
Horizon.js: horizon.io
Horizon cloud: horizon.io/cloud

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Slava Akhmechet
Slava Akhmechet
Slava Akhmechet is the founder of RethinkDB, a database company dedicated to helping developers build realtime web applications. Prior to RethinkDB he was a systems engineer in the financial industry, working on scaling custom database systems. Slava is a frequent speaker and a blogger. He blogs about his interests in open source, developer tools, building delightful user experiences, and distributed systems on defmacro.org. He is currently on leave from a Ph.D. program in Computational Neuroscience at Stony Brook University.
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