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San Diego Technology Immersion Group Learns Python

Episode #62, published Tue, Jun 7, 2016, recorded Tue, Jun 7, 2016.

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What's it like to learn Python? Yes, some of you may have just picked up the language while others have lived and breathed it for years. Either way, you may have some hindsight bias towards the experience. What was hard? What were your expectations? What delighted you?

Consider this episode your time-capsule to explore just this experience, 10 months in the making. It starts on July 22, 2015 with a unique user group / meetup called San Diego Technology Immersion Group or SDTIG for short. This group spends 6-8 months deep diving together into a topic rather than hearing a different 1 hour topic per month. We'll follow the organizers and students before many of them learn a line of Python all the way to the end 8 months later after they've studied the language, web, and data science frameworks.

Links from the show:

SDTIG Meetup:
Crafting Bytes: craftingbytes.com
Scott Reed: @mscottreed
Brad Cunningham: @foovanadil
Ike Ellis: @ike_ellis

Python recorded meetups
Meeting 1: youtu.be/IbYyVh5BZws
Meeting 2: youtu.be/LN-kUWW_9wM
Meeting 3: youtu.be/OOnMHo6x-6c
Meeting 4: youtu.be/_W8AcWcjd3U
Meeting 5: youtu.be/KF0ufWzhs6U
Meeting 6: youtu.be/ai9eorc7zLA
Meeting 7: youtu.be/nxvwVty9cDs
Meeting 8 (final): youtu.be/ELp-iLJ26is

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