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Python in Visual Studio

Episode #53, published Wed, Apr 6, 2016, recorded Mon, Apr 4, 2016

What's your favorite Python editor? That is one of the questions I always ask at the end of the episode. This week I want to shine a light on a fantastic answer to that question for Windows developers: Visual Studio.

On this episode, you'll meet Steve Dower, from Microsoft's Python Tools for Visual Studio team. He's here to tell us all about it. We also cover Python on Windows, CPython, the 2016 BUILD conference and more.

Links from the show:

Python Tools for Visual Studio:
PTVS Blog:
Steve on Twitter: @zooba
Steve on Web:
Visual Studio Community Edition (Free):
BUILD 2016 Keynotes:
Visual Studio Code (cross platform):
Ubuntu on Windows (Native):

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Steve Dower
Steve Dower
Steve is an engineer who tells people about Python and then gives them excuses to use it and great tools to use it with. He is a core contributor and Windows expert for CPython, and works at Microsoft making sure Python developers are well supported across Windows, Azure, and other Microsoft platforms.
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