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EVE Online: MMO game powered by Python

Episode #52, published Sun, Mar 27, 2016, recorded Wed, Mar 16, 2016

Have you ever played a massively multiplayer online game? My first experience with these types of games with text-based role playing games called MUDs back in the early 90's. Well, things have come a long way since then. Game such as Eve Online have hundreds of thousands of players exploring, trading, and battling within a universe of over 7,000 star systems. Gameplay in Eve Online consists of beautiful 3D space flight within a dynamic universe and many real world players.

You may have played Eve Online as it's one of the first major MMOs released in 2003. But did you know that Python is at the core of the game, playing a critical role in the backend infrastructure as well as a major role in the client side game itself!

On this episode, you'll meet Kristinn Sigurbergsson from CCP games to dig into Python at Eve Online.

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