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Microsoft's JIT-based Python Project: Pyjion

Episode #49, published Tue, Mar 8, 2016, recorded Wed, Feb 3, 2016

This episode you'll learn about a project that has the potential to unlock massive innovation around how CPython understands and executes code. And it's coming from what many of you may consider an unlikely source: Microsoft and the recently open-sourced, cross-platform .NET Core runtime.

You'll meet Brett Cannon who works on Microsoft's Azure Data group. Along with Dino Viehland, he is working on a new initiative called Pyjion (pronounced Pigeon) P-y-j-i-on, a JIT framework that can become part of CPython itself paving the way for many new just-in-time compilation initiatives in the future.

Links from the show:

Pyjion project:
Brett's PyData Keynote on interpreters:
Philip Guo's CPython internals episode (#22):
Brett on Twitter: @brettsky
Michael's Video Project:

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