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Building Flask-based Web Apps

Episode #48, published Tue, Mar 1, 2016, recorded Tue, Feb 2, 2016

When you think of Python web microframeworks, Flask is definitely near the top of the list. With almost 19,000 stars on GitHub it's a powerful and extensible web framework and it even powers the bandwidth intensive audio delivery of the Talk Python To Me podcast.

In this episode, number 48, we'll talk with Miguel Grinberg who has written some amazing Flask tutorials, books, and open source projects!

Links from the show:

Miguel on Twitter: @miguelgrinberg
Miguel's blog:
"Flask At Scale" tutorial at PyCon 2016 in Portland:
Flask Web Development (Amazon):
Flask Web Development (O'Reilly):

Open source projects

Introduction to the PuDB Python Debugging Tool:
Course Kickstarter:
Michael's Online courses project:
Talk Python Training:

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