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Shiny for Python

Episode #424, published Thu, Jul 27, 2023, recorded Fri, Jun 2, 2023

If you want to share your data science results as interactive web apps, you could learn Flask or Django and a bunch of other web technologies. Or, you could pick up one of the powerful frameworks for deploying data science specifically. And if you're searching through that space, you've likely hear of Shiny -- but that's just for the R side of data science, right? Not any longer. Joe Cheng is here to introduce us to the recently released Shiny for Python. And it looks like a very solid new framework on the block.

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Joe on Twitter: @jcheng
Shiny for Python code:
Discord community for Shiny:
Reactive programming inside Shiny:
Shiny Gallery:
Orbital mechanics in Shiny:
Wordle in Shiny:
Keynote introducing Shiny for Python:
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