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Python in Startups and Investing

Episode #42, published Tue, Jan 19, 2016, recorded Thu, Dec 17, 2015.

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Have you ever dreamt of creating a startup that will change the world? You and your two best friends leave the dull world of writing internal business apps and go heads-down for three months to launch something amazing?

It turns out that Python plays a key role in many early stage startups. And this week's guest, Leah Culver has some amazing experience and stories about both!

Links from the show:

Leah on Twitter: @leahculver
Leah's website:
Convore [historical]:
Pownce [historical]:
boto package:
Startup music #1: Takin' VC Money by Smixx
Startup music #2: Seed round by Smixx

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Leah Culver
Leah Culver
Leah Culver is a iOS and Python developer and at Dropbox where she works on the Paper team. She's a former founder of Grove, Convore, and Pownce. She is also an author of both the OAuth and oEmbed API specifications.
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