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Running Python in Production

Episode #352, published Tue, Feb 8, 2022, recorded Wed, Jan 12, 2022

Do we talk about running Python in production enough? I can tell you that the Talk Python infrastructure (courses, podcasts, APIs, etc.) get a fair amount of traffic, but they look nothing like what Google, or Instagram, or insert [BIG TECH NAME] here's deployments do. Yet, mostly, we hear about interesting feats of engineering at massive scale that is impressive but often is also outside of the world most Python devs need for their companies and services.

I have three great guests who do think we should talk more about small to medium-sized Python deployments: Emily Moorehouse, Hynek, and Glyph.

I think you'll enjoy the conversation. They each bring their own interesting perspectives.

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Links from the show

Emily on Twitter: @emilyemorehouse
Hynek on Twitter: @hynek
Glyph on Twitter: @glyph

Main article by Hynek
Python in Production Article:

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Thoughts on Monoliths
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More tools
pgMustard: Helps you review Postgres query plans quickly:
Tenacity package:
glom package:
boltons package:

Joke: The Torture Never Stops:
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