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Turbogears and the future of Python web frameworks

Episode #35, published Tue, Nov 24, 2015, recorded Wed, Oct 28, 2015

Do you have a new web project coming up? Are you thinking of choosing Django or maybe Flask? Those are excellent frameworks, but you might also want to check out TurboGears. It was created and released around the same time as Django. It lets you starts your project as a microframework (like Flask) and yet can scale up to a fullstack solution (like Django). It also has built-in support both relational DBs (via SQLAlchemy) and MongoDB. This week Alessandro Molina is here to tell us all about TurboGears!

Links from the show:

TurboGears presentations:
TurboGears on Github:
Kajiki Templates:
Depot Library:
TurboGears documentation on Genshi:
Ming (MongoDB in TurboGears basis):
TurboGears micro-framework mode:
A WebAssets filter that compiles ES6 to ES5 using DukPy and BabelJS:
Recent Python WebSIG thread on evolving WSGI for HTTP2 and asyncio:
Master-Slave DB support in TurboGears:
The project Alessandro mentioned during the episode that has been created in less than 1 hour starting as a single file and scaling up:

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