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Episode #32: PyPy.js - PyPy Python in Your Browser

Published Tues, Nov 3, 2015, recorded Wed, Sep 30, 2015.

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Imagine a future where you are building that rich, client-side web app. You start by creating some backend services in Flask or Node, an HTML page, throw in a few divs and uls, and then you type <script src="" language="Python">. That future might just be possible, for the right types of applications, with Ryan Kelly's pypy.js project.

Links from the show:

PyPy.js: What? How? Why? - PyCon 2015:
Are we Python yet?:
Are we slim yet?:
Are we fast yet?:
PyPy.js on GitHub:
Planning an early death for Python 2:
Toga package:
Birth and death of JavaScript:

Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly
Ryan is a software developer based near Melbourne, Australia. Most of his days are spent coding in Python and JavaScript, commercially as an engineer at Mozilla as well as for a variety of open-source projects. He also maintains a strong interest in logic programming, mainly as a result of his doctoral thesis.
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