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Four Years of Python for High Schoolers

Episode #27, published Tue, Sep 29, 2015, recorded Mon, Sep 14, 2015

Often people complain about the lack of developer skills in western countries like the United States and that problem is amplified when you consider typically under represented groups such as women and minorities. This week you'll meet Laura Blankenship who is doing more than her share to widen the appeal of programming in general and Python in particular.

Laura Blankenship is the chair of the computer science department at The Baldwin School where they offer computer programming related courses from grade-school all the way through high school, including an intensive 4 year program in the last four years. And you guessed it, Python plays a key role in the curriculum.

Links from the show:

Comp Sci at Baldwin:
Baldwin School:
Hour of code:
Calico IDE:
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Laura on Twitter:
Tweepy on GitHub:

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