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Deploying Python Web Applications (Updated)

Episode #26, published Tue, Sep 22, 2015, recorded Wed, Sep 9, 2015

So, you've build an amazing Python web app and now what? You want to put it online of course but that's a whole different skill set. You're in luck, because Matthew Makai is here to tell us all about deploy Python applications on this episode of Talk Python To Me.

In this show, we'll be discussing Matt's book The Full Stack Python Guide to Deployments, how Twilio manages their deployments, and what to consider when graduating from basic deployments to large-scale professional environments.

Links from the show:

Fullstack Python:
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Video: Choose Your Own Django Deployment Adventure:

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Matthew Makai
Matthew Makai
Matt Makai (@mattmakai) is a Twilio Developer Evangelist based in San Francisco, CA where he builds open source applications in Python and Swift. Matt spoke at EuroPython on "Full Stack Python" and PyCon about virtualenvs and web app deployments. He created the the underwear library hosted on PyPI and writes Full Stack Python to help fellow developers learn how to build and deploy their WSGI-powered web applications. Matt most recently authored The Full Stack Python Guide to Deployments book, a step-by-step guide for new web developers to learn how to deploy their applications to servers.
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