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Fluent Python

Episode #24, published Tue, Sep 8, 2015, recorded Thu, Aug 6, 2015.

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Are you fluent in Python or do you speak the language with an accent? Maybe you have a hint of C++ in your for-in loop or even a little C# coming through in your function names. Python's ease of learning can also lead to non-pythonic patterns for even experienced developers. It's so easy to jump in and (superficially) learn the language that you might miss the deeper understanding and Pythonic thinking.

Luciano Ramalho is here to help us clear up that accent that has been giving us away to our peers and he is giving everyone a deeper understanding of this language we love with his just released book "Fluent Python".

Links from the show:

Fluent Python at O'Reilly: shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920032519.do
Luciano on Twitter: @ramalhoorg
Book on Twitter: @FluentPython
Fluent Python on Amazon: amzn.to/1EhZeG4
Luciano's encapsulation with descriptors: youtube.com/watch?v=L-q0cQ7Gyws

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Luciano Ramalho
Luciano Ramalho
Luciano Ramalho is the author of Fluent Python. Ramalho was a Web developer before the Netscape IPO in 1995, and switched from Perl to Java to Python in 1998. Since then he worked on some of the largest news portals in Brazil using Python, and taught Python web development in the Brazilian media, banking and government sectors. He has spoken multiple times at OSCON, PyCon, PythonBrasil, FISL and RuPy. Ramalho is a fellow of the Python Software Foundation and co-founder of Garoa Hacker Clube, the first hackerspace in Brazil. He is a managing partner at Python.pro.br, a training company.
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