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3D Printing with Python at Authentise

Episode #23, published Tue, Sep 1, 2015, recorded Wed, Aug 5, 2015

You've heard of the full-stack developer and full-stack Python, but this week Authentise is taking it to a new level with Python all the way from the cloud to the client to the printer. It's all about 3D printing with Python on episode 23 with Eli Ribble. You'll learn how Eli and his team are using Python to allow independent makers to sell their designs while retaining control over the IP and copyrights. Plus, you'll learn about the most common and the craziest thing that Eli has seen printed lately.

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XKCD: import antigravity:
Twitter: @EliRibble
Authentise at GitHub:
Autodesk partnership:

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Eli Ribble
Eli Ribble
Eli Ribble has been hacking since he was little and discovered BASIC, Nethack and debuggers. He's enchanted by magic as implemented via technology and holds a BSc in Computer Engineering and MSc in CS from the University of Utah. He's developed driving simulator engines, mobile device management on windows CE, websites and various cloud streaming applications. Recently he's been building 3D printing technology in the cloud to help start the digital manufacturing age as the CTO of Authentise. He's been doing professional Python development for 7 years.
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