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Python and MongoDB

Episode #2, published Tue, Apr 7, 2015, recorded Sun, Apr 5, 2015

In this show we speak with Jesse Davis from MongoDB. Jesse is the maintainer for a number of popular open-source projects including the Python MongoDB driver known as PyMongo and Mongo C (for C/C++ developers, yes you read right! C developers). Jesse discusses how interesting it is to write both Python and C code and how it reawakens part of the brain.

You'll learn a little about MongoDB, how it compares to RDBMSes as well as other NoSQL data stores.

Join Michael and Jesse for these great topics and much more!

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A. Jesse Jiryu Davis
A. Jesse Jiryu Davis
A. Jesse Jiryu Davis is a senior staff engineer at MongoDB doing research at MongoDB Labs. He lives and climbs in New Paltz, NY. He wrote Motor, the async MongoDB Python driver, and contributed to MongoDB, the MongoDB C Driver, PyMongo, asyncio, Python, and Tornado.
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