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Python on bare metal with MicroPython

Episode #17, published Tue, Jul 21, 2015, recorded Thu, Jun 25, 2015

How many layers of abstraction and indirection are between your python code and machine instructions? What if that number could be 1 and Python itself was the operating system? That would be so amazing, right?

In fact, it is amazing and it's called Micropython. Join Michael and Damien as they discuss the genesis, philosophy, internals, and more about MicroPython; Damien's Python on a chip implementation.

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Damien George
Damien George
Damien George is a theoretical physicist working at the University of Cambridge, and has a background in mathematics, physics and computer engineering. He has competed in the "Robocup" competition to make robots play soccer, has written many toy languages, and built a CNC machine. He does research in high-energy physics, in the areas of extra-dimensions, cosmology and quantum field theory. Recently he initiated the MicroPython project to get Python running on microcontrollers and in constrained systems.
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