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Episode #11: PyImageSearch and Computer Vision

Published Tues, Jun 9, 2015, recorded Wed, May 20, 2015.

Does a computer see in color or black and white? It's time to find out on this episode of Talk Python to Me. Join Adrian Rosebrock as we talk about PyImageSearch, OpenCV, and building computer vision systems with Python and OpenCV.

This show is part theory, part history, part programming technicals and all coolness. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

Links from the show:


Book: Practical Python and OpenCV (20% off):

Show idea by @jllorencetti:

Great Robot Race (NOVA Video):

Python design patterns:

CPython Internals: A ten-hour code walk through the Python:

Adrian Rosebrock
Adrian Rosebrock
Adrian Rosebrock is an author and blogger at He has a PhD in computer science with a focus in computer vision and machine learning and has been studying computer vision his entire adult life.

He has consulted for the National Cancer Institute to develop methods to predict breast cancer risks using breast histology images and authored a book, Practical Python and OpenCV, on utilizing Python and OpenCV to build real-world computer vision applications.
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