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A Pythonic Database Tour

Episode #105, published Mon, Mar 27, 2017, recorded Thu, Mar 16, 2017

There are many reasons it's a great time to be a developer. One of them is because there are so many choices around data access and databases. So this week we take tour with our guest Jim Fulton of some databases you may not have heard of or given a try.

You'll hear about the pure Python database ZODB. There's Zero DB, an end-to-end encrypted database in which the database server knows nothing about the data it is storing, and NewtDb spanning the world of ZODB and JSON friendly Postgres.

Links from the show:

Jim on Twitter: @j1mfulton
ZODB Book:
Two-tiered Kanban:
Jim's Webcast: Why Postgres Should be your Document Database:

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Jim Fulton
Jim Fulton
Jim is the creator of Zope (the first open source application server) and ZODB, a pure-Python object database. Jim now works on NewtDB, which combines the ease of use of ZODB’s object with PostgreSQL’s JSONB to provide a hybrid object-oriented and document-oriented database. He also created and maintains the Buildout development and deployment tool. Jim has been a Python contributor and leader since 1994.
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