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Episode #103: Compiling Python through PyLLVM and MongoDB for Data Scientists

Published Thurs, Mar 16, 2017, recorded Mon, Mar 6, 2017.

This episode we have an optimization 2fer.

We begin looking at optimizing a subset of Python code for machine learning using the LLVM compiler with a project called PyLLVM which takes plain python code, compiles it to optimized machine instructions and distributes it across a cluster.

In the second half, we look at a fabulous new way to work with MongoDB for Python writing data scientists. The project is called bson-numpy and provides a direct connection between MongoDB and NumPy and is 10x faster than standard pymongo.

Links from the show:

Anna on Twitter: @annaisworking

Wrestling Python into LLVM Intermediate Representation:

BSON-NumPy Docs:
BSON-NumPy Package:
BSON-NumPy on GitHub:

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Anna Herlihy
Anna Herlihy
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