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EVE - RESTful APIs for humans

Episode #1, published Tue, Mar 31, 2015, recorded Tue, Mar 31, 2015

In this episode, our guest is Nicola Iarocci discuss his open-source RESTful framework named EVE. You will learn about the history of EVE, how you get started, and some of the more notable deployment and users of the framework.

Nicola and Michael talk about the careful balance of leading a successful open-source project in EVE and keeping the day job going. You'll also learn why Nicola chose MongoDB as the default backend for EVE.

We also discuss how Nicola got into Python and compare and contrast the open-source world of the Python community with other ecosystems such as the C# / .NET ecosystem.

Check out Nicola's course on Eve REST Framework
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Nicola Iarocci
Nicola Iarocci
Nicola is a passionate Python and C# open source hacker based in Ravenna, Italy. Back in 1991 he co-founded CIR2000, a small company focusing on delivering accounting software solutions for the small businesses. He is the creator and maintainer of a few open source projects and a conference speaker (on a sabbatical).

When he is not hacking on code or spending time with his three kids, he is usually busy running, swimming, hiking or reading a good old paper book.
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