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#343 Do Excel things, get notebook Python code with Mito

Here's a question: What's the most common way to explore data? Would you say pandas and matplotlib? Maybe you went more general and said Jupyter notebooks. How about Excel, or Google Sheets, or Numbers, or some other spreadsheet app? Yeah, my bet is on Excel. And while it has many drawbacks, it makes exploring tabular data very accessible to many people, most of whom aren't even developers or data scientists.

On this episode, we're talking about a tool called Mito. This is an add-in for Jupyter notebooks that injects an Excel-like interface into the notebook. You pass it data via a pandas dataframe (or some other source) and then you can explore it as if you're using Excel. The cool thing is though, just below that, it's writing the pandas code you'd need to do to actually accomplish that outcome in code.
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Mike Bayer
Mike Bayer
SQLAlchemy 2.0

SQLAlchemy is the most widely used ORM (Object Relational Mapper) for Python developers. It's been around since February 2006. But we might be in for the most significant release since the first one: SQLAlchemy 2.0. This version adds async and await support, new context-manager friendly features everywhere, and even a unified query syntax. Mike Bayer is back to give us a glimpse of what's coming and why Python's database story is getting stronger.

Jay Miller
Jay Miller
10 Tips and Tools for Developer Productivity

You know that feeling when one of your developer friends or colleague tells you about some amazing tool, library, or shell environment that you never heard of that you just have to run out and try right away? This episode is jam-packed full of those moments. We welcome back Jay Miller to discuss tools and tips for developer productivity. The title says 10 tips, but we actually veer into many more along the way. I think you'll really enjoy this useful and light-hearted episode.

Antonio Andrade
Antonio Andrade
20 Recommended Packages in Review

Dino Viehland
Dino Viehland
Cinder - Specialized Python that Flies

Dear PyGui: Simple yet Fast Python GUI Apps

Roman Right
Roman Right
Meet Beanie: A MongoDB ODM + Pydantic

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If you care about Python at all, you need to listen to this podcast
Wow. What can I say? Michael Kennedy is the best! His passion for Python is infectious. He pours it into his work and it shows. He takes time to keep up with what's going on and to make connections with people doing amazing things. Then he does amazing interviews with those amazing people. I look forward to this podcast more than any other podcast!
Not a how-to but addictively fascinating. It is neat to see how people are using Python.
JL Texaz
I learn something new from each episode!
I love this podcast; never a dull moment. It was the first podcast that I ever listened to and now I'm hooked! My hour drive into work is no longer one where I struggle to stay awake!
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