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#470 Python in Medicine and Patient Care

Python is special. It's used by the big tech companies but also by those you would rarely classify as developers. On this episode, we get a look inside how Python is being used at a Children's Hospital to speed and improve patient care. We have Dr. Somak Roy here to share how he's using Python in his day to day job to help kids get well a little bit faster.
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Somak Roy
Somak Roy

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Reuven Lerner
Reuven Lerner
(up next)
Learning and teaching Pandas

If you want to get better at something, often times the path is pretty clear. If you get better at swimming, you go to the pool and practice your strokes and put in time doing the laps. If you want to get better at mountain biking, hit the trails and work on drills focusing on different aspects of riding. You can do the same for programming. Reuven Lerner is back on the podcast to talk about his book Pandas Workout. We dive into strategies for learning Pandas and Python as well as some of his workout exercises.

David Lord
David Lord
(and then)
State of Flask and Pallets in 2024

Flask is one of the most important Python web frameworks and powers a bunch of the internet. David Lord, Flask's lead maintainer is here to give us an update on the state of Flask and Pallets in 2024. If you care about where Flask is and where it's going, you'll definitely want to listen in.

Chris Ferdinandi
Chris Ferdinandi
Being a developer with ADHD

Do you feel like ADHD is holding you back? Maybe you don't personally have ADHD but you work with folks who do and you'd like to support them better. Either way, how ADHD interplays with programming and programmers is pretty fascinating. On this episode we have Chris Ferdinandi who himself has ADHD and has written a lot about it to share his journey and his advice for thriving with ADHD as a programmer or data scientist.

What listeners think

Exceptional for those new to Python
The podcast has been a wealth of information and has positively contributed to my efforts to learn Python. Michael interviews a great cross-section of people using Python. The biggest benefit for me has been the exposure to the various libraries and seeing the multitude of areas that I can use Python. Frankly, the podcast this the best way I've found to augment the training videos, documentation, and books I've used to learn the language.
Dennis M.
Absolutely my favorite
Absolutely my favorite. He is such a knowledgeable developer, presenter, interviewer, and he is also a great teacher. He makes his presentations very accessible and his interviews never feel like an interview. I started my Python and data sciencece journey through this podcast. I look forward to his podcast every week now. All the best to you Michael.
Finance - risk guy
Hey, I'm a finance and risk guy that is newer to Python, was using excel vba macros but once I saw the power and possibilities of Python, have been hooked ever since. Love the podcast, I think I am a wannabe developer, maybe some day, haha. Take it easy.
John Cosetti
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