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A podcast on Python and related technologies

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#450 Versioning Web APIs in Python

You've built an awesome set of APIs and you have a wide array of devices and clients using them. Then you need to upgrade an end point or change them in a meaningful way. Now what? That's the conversation I dive into over the next hour with Stanislav Zmiev. We're talking about Versioning APIs.
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Stanislav Zmiev
Stanislav Zmiev

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Djangonauts, Ready for Blast-Off

Are you interested in contributing to Django? Then there is an amazing mentorship program that helps Python and Django enthusiasts, because contributes and potentially core developers of Django. It's called Djangonauts and their slogan is "where contributors launch." On this episode, we have Sarah Boyce from the Django team and former Djangonaut and now Djangonaut mentor, Tushar Gupta. Not only is this excellent for the Django community, many of other open source communities would do well to keep an eye on how this creative project is working.

Philip Jones
Philip Jones
(and then)
Top Quart (async Flask) Extensions

Pedram Navid
Pedram Navid
(and finally)
Data Pipelines with Dagster

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Favorite podcast ever!
Better than music!
I've been in love with this podcast since this winter. Even though it talks about technical topics, it is so enjoyable that I listen to it even while working out or going for a run, often preferring it to music.
Carlo O.
Learn something every time
This show is filled with great content and Michael is an engaging and gracious host! Every episode has wonderful conversation and I learn something I follow up on just about every time.
Doug F.
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