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Talk Python To Me

A podcast on Python and related technologies

Latest episode:
#383 Textinator and Building macOS Apps with Python

For all the amazing powers of Python, deploying packaged apps that leverage native OS-level capabilities isn't one of them. But it can be done and we have a great guest, Rhet Turnbull, here to tell us how he built his distributable macOS app Textinator that uses macOS's native vision recognition framework through Python.
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Rhet Turnbull
Rhet Turnbull

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Chris Moffitt
Chris Moffitt
Python Data Visualization - Where To Start?

Student Success with Big Data and Dask

What listeners think

Fun and informative
This podcast has been my starting point and is my frequent return point in my Python adventures. It’s informative and fun... what more do you need?
Fantastic content
I've been a fan of this show for quite some time. High-quality content that I look forward to every time.
AJ Pryor
This podcast series is amazing, I started listening today, and I'm committing to listening to at least a series every day, till I get to the top :)) Thank you Michael! This is amazing!
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Talk Python to Me is a weekly podcast hosted by Michael Kennedy. The show covers a wide array of Python topics as well as many related topics.

The format is a casual 1-hour conversation with industry experts.

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