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Talk Python To Me

A podcast on Python and related technologies

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#350 Python Steering Council 2021 Retrospective

For 30 years, Python was overseen by Guido van Rossum since he created and released it around in 1990. When he retired in 2018 he left the creation of the new governing body up to the core developers. After a few stressful months, they concept of the steering council became the way forward.
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Machine Learning Ethics and Laws Panel

The world of AI is changing fast. And the AI / ML space is a bit out of the ordinary for software developers. Typically in software, we can prove that given a certain situations, the code will always behave the same. We can point to where and why a decision is made.

ML isn't like that. We set it up and then it takes on a life of its own.

Running Python in Production

Do we talk about running Python in production enough? I can tell you that the Talk Python infrastructure (courses, podcasts, APIs, etc.) get a fair amount of traffic, but they look nothing like what Google, or Instagram, or insert [BIG TECH NAME] here's deployments do. Yet, mostly, we hear about interesting feats of engineering at massive scale that is impressive but often is also outside of the world most Python devs need for their companies and services.

Sebastián Ramírez
Sebastián Ramírez
SQLModel: The New ORM for FastAPI and Beyond

Two frameworks that have taken the Python world by storm are FastAPI and Pydantic. Once you already have your data exchange modeled in Pydantic, you might want to use that code for storing it in the database. And, if you have DB models you might want to somehow use them to power and document the APIs built with FastAPI.

But the popular ORMs, such as SQLAlchemy and others, far predate Pydantic. But could they be put together?

Sphinx, MyST, and Python Docs in 2022

When you think about the power of Python, the clean language or powerful standard library may come to mind. You might certainly point to the external packages too. But what about the relative ease of picking up new libraries or even parts of the standard library? Documentation plays an important role there. And the tools in the Python space for building solid documentation and even publishing articles and books involving live code are huge assets.

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Best Python podcast!
Thank you Michael - listen to each show - your professional editing and style is something a lot of podcasts should emulate.
Mark Hurley
Great content. Great host.
The host is interesting and funny. The guests have been very interesting. The audio quality is pro level. Highly recommended.
Peter Hill
A great show with something for everyone
If you use Python, you need to listen to this show. Great and engaging interviews with a wide range of guests ensure that no matter what your level, you’ll learn something. This is one of my must-listen shows.
Saint A.
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