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A podcast on Python and related technologies

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#431 Visualizing CPython Release Process

Every year Python has a new major release. This year it's Python 3.12 and it'll come out on October 2, 2023. That's 4 days from when this episode was published. There is quite process involved to test, build, and ship Python across many platforms and channels. We have Seth Michael Larson here to give us a detailed rundown on what exactly is involved in releasing CPython.
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Seth Michael Larson
Seth Michael Larson

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Upcoming episodes

Roman Right
Roman Right
Migrating to Pydantic 2.0: Beanie for MongoDB

Litestar: Effortlessly Build Performant APIs

We all know about Flask and Django. And of course FastAPI made a huge splash when it came on the scene a few years ago. But new web frameworks are being creating all the time. And they have these earlier frameworks to borrow from as well. On this episode we dive into a new framework gaining a lot of traction called Litestar. Will it be the foundation of your next project? Join me as I get to know Litestar with its maintainers: Jacob Coffee, Janek Nouvertné, and Cody Fincher.

Building Mobile Apps Backed with Python

Mike Fiedler
Mike Fiedler
PyPI Security

An Unbiased Evaluation of Environment and Packaging Tools

Brett Cannon
Brett Cannon
Python Language Summit 2023

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My number one podcast. Thank you so much Michael!
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